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Vacuum Valve Repair & Overhaul Services

As we handled VAT valve ‘C/S center’ as VAT agent of Korea, we can    repair all types of VAT valves and controllers.

Besides we can repair SMC, Varian, MKS, MDC, Kitz valve etc.

S650 DN250(Controller 장착사진)-Cover Photo.

Repair of vacuum measurement equipment and electronics.

VACUUM WORLD`S  Second Expertise Service is Controller repair. 

Many Semi-Industry Companies are requesting repair/overhaul services for the Controller with expensive quoted service. 

However, we provide repair service of repairing Main Board itself in order to reduce the cost. 


Manufacturing Components for 

Also if you want the quotation of repair parts for VAT valves, please contact us. If you know P/N, please advise us as reference. But if you do not know P/N, please send me a photo of the Item. Any time and any Item is available making quotation.


Handling Refurbished parts

We manufacture and trade many types of vacuum valve items such as, Guide bearings, Motors (Stepper Motor), Seals - Gaskets (Bonnet, Metal, and Copper), O-Rings (FKM/Vitons), Bellows, etc...

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